Our range of canapés can be provided for any event and can be served by a member of our waiting staff or left to serve as you wish. A hand selected Champagne or sparkling wine can also be provided with this facility. Our range starts from 75p per item and there is no minimum or maximum order. There any no other hidden fees as can be seen with certain other caterers.

We also offer a canapé package for £4.95 per person based on 3 canapés per guest. All our canapés are served with garnish on silver platters.


These are small toasted croutons with a selection of toppings some of which are listed below (all 75p per item)

Canapes listed below are available at £1.00 per item:

Most popular 

Filo Pastry Parcels

An increasingly popular choice of canapé and are usually served warm and have a variety of fillings available a few examples are shown below (£1.25)

Puff pastry cases

These are circular pastry cases topped with a choice of 30 different fillings some of which are shown below (75p each).

5 Star Canapés

We also have a range of 5 star canapés which include:

New Canapés for February 2014